Friday, June 24, 2011

You started a blog... You're such a hypocrite!

June 2011

This feels like it should be a very important event in my life.  I have decided.... to start a blog...

This will strike everyone who knows me and more importantly myself as very odd.  First, I like to think of my self as very busy and important. cough.  Clearly, I already have far too much to do. Furthermore, I have openly mocked blogs before. So why the change? 

I have recently been obsessed with tons of house/life/garden/craft blogs.  This has made me realize while I personally offer nothing better or more meaningful to the web then the average person. This will be an opportunity for me to record the weekly trials and tribulations that my home ownership and life take on.  I look back on other people's blogs and I realize how much my house has already changed, my life has already changed, and I guess I feel the need to keep a record. I actually openly hope I have all of three followers, one of them, will of course be my mother, one probably Josh, and maybe some person in Croatia who really screwed up a google search.

So with this as my entrance... I feel the need to start at the beginning.


  1. Well, I'm not in Croatia, but will I do?

  2. Of course, your family will read this because we think you are so cool. ;)