Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sometimes We Buy Shiny Things

June 2010

After three long weeks of house prep we were getting ready to move in.  We had help from friends and help from outsiders, but in the end, sometimes you have to shell out the big bucks.  Everytime Josh and I have moved, which is about 13 times in 12 years collectively, we have always done it ourselves with a friend or two to help.  This time, I made the big leap and called a moving company to see the damage.  We had already moved all of our boxes, clothes and loose items over.  We just needed the man power to move couches, dressers, beds, and various other 'very heavy items.'  The guys showed up and moved everything out of our apartment in 45 minutes... no joke.  They then moved everything into our new house in 1.5 hours.  Josh and I were in shock.  This is amazing, this would have taken us all day, we would have sweated, cursed, gotten in about 15 small fights and damaged half our belongings.  Instead we found ourselves at 1:00pm standing in an empty apartment.  Wow, worth EVERY penny.
We realized pretty quickly (ie. the first load) that the washing machine at our house was shot, we also left the refrigerator out on the porch for two weeks.  When we opened it we were pretty sure a crime scene had taken place.  This called for one thing: an appliance buying binge.  Luckily, we were looking to buy appliances in the sexiest time of the year for that sort of thing... Memorial Day weekend. 

We went to Lowes at 8:00pm on a Saturday night and set about buying.  All appliances were 10% off, not good enough you say... well all Samsungs were 20% off on top of that... still not impressed?  O yeah and free warranties, free delivery, and free take away.  Well Mr Lowes salesman you are about to sell shiny objects to us today!  That night we bought a new shiny stainless steel freezer bottom fridge! Yay! A new dishwasher, even though there was no existing dishwasher (this is America gosh darn it)... we were gonna make it work!  And a VERY fancy steam washer and dryer set.  It was crazy and exciting and overwhelming.  Luckily, we have amazing parentals and they had agreed to make these 'home buying' contributions.  This was HUGE in our books!

On Sunday at 7:00am they delivered the first big purchases of our adult lives (minus the house of course).  We were very excited!

Please note that a dishwasher can also make an amazing paint table for 2 months.

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