Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So We Got Married... (not a house post)

September 2013
Not much of a surprise to those that know us.  On September 21, 2013 Josh and I got married in Hood River Oregon.  Much of the work on the house, spotty blog posting, and lack of photos stems from our work, exhaustion, and excitement for the big day. In many ways, planning our wedding was similar to working on the house.  Josh and I had by no means a diy wedding.  However, I would say that we tried to make our wedding very homemade.   We made sure that the details reflected us and our interests, values, and style. This meant that we worked as our own wedding planners, we selected all our own vendors, when possible we made made choices that were in season, organic or local. Together we created our theme and crafted many of the details of the day.
We decided to make our own Save the Dates.  We made our own wedding favors.   We outsourced our real wood engraved invites. We love stationary and felt this was the best way to give every guest a keepsake even if they didn't come to the wedding. Our homemade touch was to tie the invites and additional pieces together with some bakers twine and a small piece of Cedar from our backyard.  We handstamped the rsvp envelopes and then I choose to hand calligraphy all the invites by hand.

For the day of, we picked Mt Hood Organic Farms for its scenery and all the different architectural buildings that allowed us to have both indoor and outdoor aspects. We knew we wanted to get married outside with a view of all the beauty Oregon had to offer. 

For flowers we used my existing large collection of vintage blue mason jars and used as much local in season flowers and greens as possible.

Our table assignments stemmed from the idea that each table would be a place we had visited together. We found vintage travel posters for each location and placed them on the table. Guests found their names on a luggage tags that directed them to their specific table.

We choose to hire a second photographer to run our photobooth.  Rather than have props we choose to rent an old Victorian couch that moved throughout the event.


For our outfits we tried to go custom. I knew I didn't want a strapless dress from day one. Then meant I had to make my own semi-custom dress by ordering additional lace that allowed my seamstress to design the sleeves and a key hole back I wanted.  Josh got a custom made three piece suit from a local company. We decided to go with a neutral gray color and then added buffalo nickels for buttons to pick up on Josh's Wyoming upbringing. Gus was our ring bearer and had his own bowtie and a custom made pillow.

It was an amazing weekend of events which included a night of pints and pies on Friday, the wedding on Saturday and a house party on Sunday.  The house party may have been the death of me.  Small projects had to be completed, windows were cleaned, landscaping was spruced and the house was uber cleaned. See I still made this post about the house!



  1. Congratulations!! Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful!
    Hi btw! :-)
    I came across your blog randomly googling trying to come up with paint colors for our 1941 cottage, and I stumbled across a goldmine of amazing awesomeness! I love your blog!! You are maybe four years ahead of us...in 2013 we bought our first house and got married in September, and have been slowly demoing/DIYing everything thanks to lots of mold, lead, improper DIYing from the last homeowner issues. Both of us are very handy thank goodness, otherwise we would never be able to fix anything! We too are trying to keep as much of the original character as possible (yay for old windows!), although are running across a lot of problems not being able to find contractors here in CO that believe in restoration.
    Your posts give me hope that with all the sweat equity we are putting into it, our house will indeed slowly progress to looking amazing again, as yours has so beautifully!

    1. Eliza,

      How great to hear from you! I am always amazed to know that people read my rambling posts and spotty posts. I totally understand your world! We seemed to have all of it mold, lead, crazy ugly or terrifying remodels. The great thing about these old houses is that most of them are tanks and seems to take everything we do them. Do you have a architectural salvage center anywhere near you? I would suggest going to one! First, they are awesome, second they often have a list of contractors who like/specialize in working with the old stuff. We also found that the bigger the company the less interested in "working with the old house" and the more likely to want to rip stuff out. Smaller one-two man carpenter teams seem to appreciate working with what we have. As always it's a work in progress.... Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions, or even a good brag : )

  2. So many details in your wedding! I didn't know just how DIY it was, but of course could have guessed. You have a special touch, Taylor! I loved reading about how it all came together! We enjoyed spending the day with you and Josh and seeing all the Depavers! :)