Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loving Our Curb Appeal!

July 2011

As July loomed closer we worked on the finishing touches to our exterior remodel.  Downspots were painted, mulch was added back, and landscaping was spruced up.  The remodel lasted a little under 2 months and we were officially done and broke.  We managed to stay within our budget and accomplish a lot of our goals. However, towards the end it felt like things were going out and not much was coming in. In the end, we were super happy with the results! I would actually be excited to drive down the street and see our house peaking out!

Here is the orginial wish list so you can see how we did:
1. Replace all windows that were not original to the house.  HALF SUCCESS- we replaced 4 of the mismatched windows.  We had to hold off replacing the remaining 4 due to money. 
2. Remove 1970's 10" cedar siding that did not match the style of the house and made it look stumpy.  Replace with more correct cedar shingles or 5" cedar siding.  SUCCESS- We re-used the orginial siding which was under the 1970's siding.  Big cost savings!
3. Repair/replace trim around windows, doors and eaves that had been removed or damaged in the 1970's. SUCCESS-All trim was restored or replaced to match original profiles.  Additional window moulding was added for depth.
4. Replace 8' wide impossible to open or lock sliding glass door to the back porch.  SUCCESS-Replaced with a beautiful wood french door!
5. Remove dangerous understructured and sagging back porch. SUCCESS- Demolished back porch, which was definitely needed.  Although we really miss the covered patio, it was one of our favorite places to eat in the summer.  Another project?
6. Install insulation in walls so our house could get above 60 degrees in the winter. SUCCESS-House was fulled insulated by May, just in time for the good weather.
7. Repair original windows to former glory.  FAIL- we ran out of money.  But it is still a goal to restore the 12 windows. We did replace 3 of the windows due to the level of damage. Which goes back to half-success on number one.
8. Paint whole house pretty colors! SUCCESS-Done and Done, with awesome results!
As soon as the remodel was completed, Josh and I took a much needed vacation to Bethany Beach, DE for 5 days to soak up the sun, see the parents, and enjoy some delicious seafood!

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  1. congrats Tay, the house looks great! I remember that beach house and the silly little priest who sounded straight out of The Princess Bride :)