Monday, May 7, 2012

Exterior Paint is Here!

June 2011

The cool thing about painting is that it happens and it happens fast.  Our contractor was spraying the body of the house and so one day we left for work..... and that night we came home and our house was blue! It was super exciting and the difference was immediate!

The following day they came back to start to paint the main trim color the yellow we had selected.  Holy yellow! The problem is something that looks very pale on the small mock up, looked extremely bright and glaring once it goes up.  I came home from work and gulped. I actually kinda regret that we never took a picture because our house looked like a sports jersey (in a somewhat cool way).  As soon as Josh came home I told him we had to go get another color!  We went out to Sherwin Williams at 6:00pm and went to the white section and then picked the yellowest white we could find.  The color was called Tea Light and was about 4 shades lighter then the original color.  The next day our painters got two new gallons and started covering up our little issue.  This color was perfect, it looked like buttercream.  It still read yellow but definitely not in a primary kid school kind of way.  We did keep the porch ceiling the darker yellow as a testament and also because it looked great up there without sunlight.

The delicate nature of painting all the window sashes took some additional time so it took about a week to get the overall color scheme.  To save money I painted the front door and the french doors since doors take a lot of time and detail work.  In the end, we couldn't have been happier with our (almost original) picks.

Our little project was slowly wrapping up!

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