Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Little Coat of Paint

August 2013

I am going to jump back in time to show you a quick update we made last summer. At the same time that we took on the our cinder block wall of death we also decided to paint our garage.   
I would like to take a moment to show you the before picture. The wonderful color scheme of baby blue and white, the decision to paint the beveled siding two toned.... the ghetto lean-to shed. It is a true masterpiece. Moving on, we took advantage of our friend contractor and had them paint the South and East facades.  They provided the labor and painting supplies and we supplied the actual paint. We already had left over paint for most of the project and only had to buy a gallon of white exterior paint and a gallon of primer.
The contractor power washed and scrapped our side wall and the front of the garage. Our neighbor had asked that we paint the front of the garage the same gray color as her house. We agreed it would be more cohesive for the entire facade to be painted one color.  We both felt our dark blue was a little too bold for the building.  We also matched her white trim color. To call out our side on the front we decided to paint the garage doors with our house's red color. She paid us for 1/3 of the cost to do the work and provided the gray paint.  Her portion helped off set the cost of the paint.  So in the end, the work cost us nothing. WIN.

 On the south side of the garage that can be seen only from our yard we decided to go all white and paint the small window the same red as our house doors and windows.

Note, the weirdly placed thermometer on the lean to wall, this is because it is hiding a hole in the plywood wall. Classy.

What a difference a coat of paint makes.  It's still a pretty ramshackle structure, but we have made the best of it without breaking our budget.  Long term I would love to restore these doors to their former glory.