Friday, July 20, 2012

The First Step to a Remodel- Downsizing

January 2012

As part of project grown up bedroom, we had to vacate.  With all the dust, contractors, and work to be done we realized it could be upwards of a month before we would be able to use our bedroom again.  This wasn't a huge issue because we had the guest room downstairs.  It was still an issue in many ways.  The room is about half the size of our current room and we needed to get most of our things out of the bedroom whether we needed them or not.

First, we brought down my dresser.  This fit pretty well and would actually be staying downstairs so we didn't have to worry about moving it back up the stairs.  Next, we moved Josh's wire rack of clothes down and squeezed it into the corner.  We then emptied our closet, which amazingly all fit in the downstairs closet. Our bed was too big and difficult to take apart so we decided to leave it upstairs, we did take our foam top (we can't really be expected to live without the foam topper?).  By now the room was increasingly full.  Add to that, the requirement of an entire bed for Gus and it was a tight ship.

 How tight?  Gus was forced to sleep inside the closet, a la Harry Potter.  Honestly, I think he kinda like it.  Snug in there, with all our smells, but I still felt bad, especially when he sad eyed me from in there.  I was expecting to hate it down there.  The small room, my stuff in chaos.  Instead I kinda like it.  The room has great light, was definitely quieter (it is at the back of the house, verses our room in the front), and was only steps from our bathroom.   I could get ready in the morning in half the time.  No trips up and down the stairs for changing, forgotten items, dog walks.  It was pretty nice, similar to a dorm room.  We settled into our snug abode for the long hall and kicked off project with a new trick for us: framing and drywall.

Things to note in these pictures.  The lack of curtains on the West wall(again!).  The shady tacked on curtain on the South wall so we didn't look directly into the neighbor's kitchen.  The large prevalence of Games of Thrones books in the room.  Three books in two months (it was bad).  The fact that I took these pictures at 6:30pm in January and it is that dark in Portland.

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